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Capital Campaigns

  How to Run Capital Campaigns

If you’re considering executing a capital campaign for expansion, new facilities or building your endowment,  congratulations. This is a huge step for any organization, and we understand how important it is. There are so many ways to run capital campaigns, but there are very few ways to maximize the campaign. That’s where Ferrari Philanthropic Consultants comes in.

We are here to give all of the planning expertise and guidance that the campaign requires. With over our 20 years of experience that planning is what sets the decent efforts apart from the successful fundraising efforts. Especially for endowment campaigns, this is a huge step.

The big difference that FPC Inc. makes is that believe in teaching and training staff to become better fundraisers and transfer as much knowledge and experience to make everyone a better fundraiser.  At the end of the day, this is your organization, so you deserve to learn all of the elements of planning and executing capital campaigns, closing appreciated asset related gifts and gift planning techniques. 

We at FPC Inc. pride ourselves in our ability to connect with our clients and build a trusting relationship that results in a successful campaign. We work as a team and we empower every member of the team to be the best versions of themselves which result in a better campaign.

Check out our site and learn about more services that we offer. When you’re ready, you can reach out at any time and we’d love to start talking about how we can help you.

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