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Philanthropic Consultants

  Philanthropic Expertise to Make an Impact Now

In today's environment raising philanthropic dollars for many charities is very difficult. Development Staff are engaged fully in raising annual contributions and often do not have the expertise to handle appreciated assets as a gift or in developing a long term planned gift. The good news is that Ferrari Philanthropic Consultants Inc. has the expertise and ability to handle the most complex gifts along with helping to understand the tax implications of such gifts.

Working with philanthropic consultants is straight forward and here’s how it works.

FPC Inc. will work with the organization to put together a strategic plan for achieving your philanthropic goals whether immediate or long term. We then work closely with Leadership and staff to understand your goals and objectives and how best to achieve them. We’ll help you design and put together, an appropriate plan and implementation steps to achieve results. 

On top of that, we’ll also give you strategic guidance and counsel on how to best execute your campaign based on our years of experience knowing what works and what does not. 

Our philanthropic consultants works closely with your organization as it implements the plan and we’ll give you advice and observations to keep the organization on target.

Ferrari Philanthropic Consultants is here to make sure your fundraising efforts go as smoothly and successfully as possible. Check out our site and learn more about us and see the teams we’ve empowered in the past, and we hope to add your name to that list!

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